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Silence and patience often sound the same.

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Comment by jim thomas on May 19, 2013 at 6:39

Certainly true enough on some level. Like 'suffering in silence', where suffering means also 'allowing', though in another context, silence can be quite baffling where a response would be more helpful.

Sometimes it helps to get some feedback to know what is happening in there.... Is it incomprehension, indifference, hedging ones bets. A way of guarding ones insecurity?

At the risk of being provocative i would chance to say that in my experience of being 'the one who gives the orders', American 'blather' can be quite reassuring as to knowing where things actually stand, whereas English 'reservation' can leave one wondering whether one is in fact getting across.

Comment by Tim Fox on May 19, 2013 at 15:09

Excellent points.  There's definitely ambiguity in the interpretation of silence.  Yet, it seems to me, many folks are so uncomfortable if the airspace isn't filled they often fill it too hastily for no other reason than to ease the discomfort.  This can lead to missed opportunities when, given a little quiet reflection, something profound might emerge.  I'm reminded of a story by Richard Nelson when he lived with the Koyukon in Alaska.  He asked one of them a question and the person simply walked away.  Two weeks later, came the well-considered reply.  

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