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Our Local Table

Our Local Table

We were sitting around last night during the lightning storm. Our neighbor Tim was playing the banjo while we talked. We were eating bowls of chili verde and gently arguing the merits of what a local…


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The dilemma of being forthright with those who hope for the best

I have recently joined the Dark Mountain Project and find that most of the postings I've read on its site coincide with my own perceptions and sentiments.  It is indeed a liberating experience to finally realize that we are living in era in which all human history and natural history, for that matter, is coming to an end, or at least a tragic convulsion that will shortly reduce civilization and the natural world to a mere fragment of what exists today.  It is liberating because once you…


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Down the rabbit hole......What to think about giving up hope - Part 2

Note: this post was first posted at http://www.21soul.me.uk/down-the-rabbit-hole/

A few blessed weeks have passed since I came up from a trip down a rabbit hole. Since then I've had the opportunity to think a bit, talk a bit and read a bit more about hope and despair. Here's the story...

My …


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A prayer a soft tear 


a tome to the beauty of a bee seeking

nectar in the garden...…


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What to think about giving up hope?

I’ve been thinking a lot about hope recently – particularly in the context of the inevitability that faces us. (We’ll be talking a lot about this at the Soul Makers Gathering in September, and my good friend David Hicks will be leading a…


Added by Steve Thorp on July 7, 2014 at 21:30 — 3 Comments

Ecologicial Science of Human Population Dynamics/Overpopulation

We can see and generally agree about what is happening on Earth. Can we focus for a moment on, "Why it is happening?" Under no circumstances can it ever be correct for scientists to consciously censor naturally persuasive scientific research with extraordinary explanatory power just because the new evidence is unforeseen and unwelcome. Our unwillingness to accept what science discloses to us about our di…

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Slow Farming

Slow Farming

“These were all manufactured so that a man with a little common sense could repair them.” We were walking the rows of horse-drawn equipment at an estate auction in Dayton, Tennessee. The comment was made by a neatly dressed farmer from central Georgia. Horse-drawn equipment (and farm equipment in general), though frequently ingenious in design, is straightforward. As the man pointed out, “No need to call an IT center in India.”

I’m sure someone has used the phrase…


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The weather is  a-changing.

I can feel it in my bones.

Like the witch-wind that

changes direction,…


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new album of experimental music: relations of production

New album : 'relations of production'. Preview track: 'Mr. Wonderbrain'. HEAR: https://soundcloud.com/eclectiktronik

"This album was assembled from a live improvisation with Gyohei Zaitsu (Butoh dance) in Barcelona, 2013. Constructed from reel to reel…


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March Against Monsanto World Wide, From Sidney to San Francisco!

Just got back from the San Francisco March.

Pretty good turnout.

Posting a photo from the beginning of the March in Union Square.…


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When the fires, floods storms and heat have laid…


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Rage against the Machine

Okay, so its probably hopeless but doing it anyway....

This Saturday May 24th. Global action...go for it!

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"Horned Owl with Crow Spirits" - charcoal on gessoed paper ©Christine Rossi 2014.

"We knew our greatest freedom was in taking flight at night, when we could steal the heavenly darkness for ourselves,…


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‘Kindergarten Class With Madre Ayahuasca’ and Other Poems


When I did my first dieta in the Peruvian Amazon in November 2010, I started writing poems. The following poem came out of that…


Added by Dr Paul Roberts on May 11, 2014 at 16:38 — 2 Comments

The Bees in the Hawthorne

Each spring the Hawthorns vibrate with the sound of bees. Each spring the hum of their work is muted. The buds are forming, but what sound, what vibration this…


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Nature's creation


nature's creation

the only law to hold true-

wild contains it all

its mysteries are revealed

not to logic but to dream

John Egan.   28/4/14

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Sod the odds

It has felt like an uphill task to attempt the healing of waters in a world where elemental is just another commodity to be exploited for profit.

And yet, it is a task which flows from the fact that we are mostly water too, in the way we are; that healing waters is all about the healing of ourselves.

Given this wasting of the waters, poisoning of wells, oceans trashed, acidic rains, shortage and drought, there seems little chance of victory, an increasing certainty of…


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