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I didn't find out about The Dark Mountain Network until too late.  All the tickets were gone by the time I tried to get one.  It would be great to hear a bit more about the festival though; so if you've blogged about it, do let us know in this thread, or you might like to just post a bit of info about it here.  I'm particularly interested since a) I saw Nicole Foss talking recently and I see she was talking at the festival and b) some friends and I are inspired by the DM manifesto and are thinking of running a minifest in our valley so it'd be great to know more about Uncivilisation 2011.

Thanks and looking forward to reading your posts.  F

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Welcome Fiona! I'm going to be rounding up a few of the recent reviews of the festival on the DM blog in the next few days, so keep an eye out there. I am also looking for guest bloggers to write for us on their experiences. And we will also be posting up some film of various sessions over the next few weeks. 


Would love to hear more about the DM event you are thinking about - do keep us informed. 


All the best,


Great Paul.  I've just friended you so that we can talk about our event ideas. Looking forward to hearing about Uncivilisation 2011..... I was staying just round the corner from the venue last weekend but tickets had sold out..... I've only just heard about DM so was too late .... next year.

DARK MOUNTAIN (Aug 2011) – Faceted reflections


Since I could only be in one place at a time, here are impressions of my single place/time continuum at the Dark Mountain Uncivilisation Festival. Ideally, all the presentations and events could be included using the simple threefold facets of Future, Present and Past which would yield a panoramic perspective of the whole event providing maximum context and minimum reading time. The juxtapositions created by the facets enable a new level of meta-commentary which I started. (Jan Wyllie)


Finance:  collapse predicted in 9 months. (Arthur Doohan)

More Repression: More tools of repression in the name of stability and resource exhaustion will FORCE radical and very painful change.  (Eleanor Saitta)

Hyper-incarceration: More and more intense hyper-incarceration will cause epidemic of deadly infectious diseases. (Anton Shelupanov)

Extinction rights: Industrial innovation plus the right of resource use established by Abrahamic religions could make the accelerating rate of extinction unstoppable. (Melanie Challenger)

West Papua: Although nothing can unmurder the Sacred Mother Mountain, West Papuans, are resolved to fight with all their heart until ‘medeka’ (freedom!) is returned to them and the forests to which they belong. (Jay Griffiths, Benny Wenda)

For me, the West Papuans, who have already lost the most,  showed us the way to engage the future – enormous courage in the face of overwhelming odds, steadfastness in intent, clarity of purpose, committing whole lives, facing painful losses head-on for the sake of what they will leave behind - the act of ‘survivance’ which overcomes the helplessness of victimisation. We Westerners have a lot to learn about reality and our future from them. Perhaps the future of Dark Mountain is a place where people can learn from their elders and ancestors about what is valuable in life, and what we have already lost … and it is not Gold!  In return, the Dark Mountain could also be a place to contribute what we can to all life, for as long as we possibly can. (Jan Wyllie)


Drawing swords: After Iceland’s collapse, people are marching forth with drawn swords. (Smari McCarthy)

Emotional seesaw: The most aware people seesaw between spectacular hopes and pits of despair.  (Eleanor Saitta)

Deadly infections: Hyper-incarceration is already source of deadly infectious disease, such as TB and AIDS in Russia. (Anton Shelupanov)

Government response: Nation states are dropping public services, while maintaining their monopoly on violence. (Discussion)

Double frustration: Pathological optimism prevents majority people from learning for as long as possible … although 30 per cent are dying for transitional change. (Discussion)

Warm illusions: Nostalgia is contributing to the fight against the truth. (Melanie Challenger)

DM Project: Two guys are stumbling along, going broke and close to being broken … engaging culturally with economic and eco-systemic collapse fostering and writing new [transmedia] stories for taking people out of their comfort zone by looking at humanity from the outside, where humans are not the centre of the world. (Dougald Hine, Paul Kingsnorth)

West Papua: The song lines turn to scream lines as the Sacred Mother Mountain is murdered, razed and stripped,  and her forest is poisoned with cyanide by an American gold mining company which shares its profits with the illegal occupier, Indonesia, the perpetrator of a hidden genocide on the native people. (Jay Griffiths, Benny Wenda)

The real question is what do we do now? We can’t do everything. We all can stop personal pollution and encourage self-reliance. (Done that.) Then, we need to prioritise. My priorities are crowd sourced nuclear industry monitoring because the greatest service we can do for the future of life is clearing up nuclear waste, finding a way to vaccinate badgers instead of watching the savage slaughter and feeling the pain, being of service to West Papuans, and supporting and writing for the Dark Mountain project. Do get in touch if our priorities match. (Jan Wyllie)


Future past: In Iceland, the future ended … throughout history futures ended and rebirths began. (Smari McCarthy)

Innovative destruction: Human innovative intelligence reacting to resource decline accelerates the rate use, e.g. whaling and tin mining. (Melanie Challenger)

Foundation Myths:  1) Man over Nature – slaying the dragon, human exceptionalism, salvation through technology, 2) Return to Eden – primitive self goes back to the woods, 3) The Apocalypse – collapse during  the End Times, 4) Cyclic Unfolding – cosmology, evolution? (Nick Hunt)

DM Project: Two guys met in a pub and resonated about the unprecedented challenges faced by all life on earth and decided to engage in action, such as organising festivals and publishing.

West Papua: Where singing is an unmediated group experience, where soul is the seed of singing and chanting becomes enchanting, where the dreams of the ancestors come from the Sacred Mother Mountain, the kin of the kindness of the land. (Jay Griffiths, Benny Wenda)

I am definitely for a return to Eden having already gone back to the woods, but I believe technology can be useful. And despite being hyper-aware of apocalyptic trends, I believe in the cyclic unfolding of the universe.  I also know that extinction is forever and that quality of suffering and pain has always been, and still is, the same for all of us, whether we are human or not. (Jan Wyllie)

Paul, just wondering if you've managed to get a round-up of events/blogs etc together.  Cheers Fiona
Yes all on the main DM blog, Fiona.

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